The notable and young designer most synonymous for exceptional bridal creations worn on the most important day of a bride, Syaiful Baharim introduces his atelier’s latest collection for the solemnization ceremony. The collection aptly known as the Solemn Splendour awakens the highest refinement and gentility of the Malay culture for the fashionista bride, with each delicate piece of ‘baju kurung’ and ‘kebaya’.

Comprising of eight sumptuous creations, the harmonious and coherent collection pays enormous attention to the use of fabrics such as casa, French lace, chiffon, taffeta and Prada lace to heighten their exclusivity.

According to Syaiful Baharim, the Solemn Splendour collection was created specifically for the solemnization ceremony to fulfill a demand most commonly neglected by local designers. Syaiful’s Solemn Splendour collection was created not only for the enjoyment of fashion followers, but also as a source of inspiration for would-be brides on their most important day.

The strength of the collection lies in the successful fusion of traditional and modern details. Excelling at what he does best, Syaiful’s creations carry his signature trademark of exuberant and extravagant detailing. Syaiful’s mastery is apparent with his artistic usage of ostrich feathers and crystals.

“This is exactly what I wanted to showcase. An unforgettable collection that is unique and highly personalized.”

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